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FinnFusion 2018

FinnFusion Annual Seminar 2018

Date: 4 June 2018, 9-18 (+ evening dinner at 18.30 in Otaniemi)

Place: VTT, Espoo, Kivimiehentie 3

Fusion energy research and development is focusing on creating the first fusion nuclear reactor. The goal of the worldwide R&D programme with ITER is to create a fusion nuclear power plant in Europe. FinnFusion Consortium is fully integrated in the Euratom Fusion Programme in Horizon 2020 and Fusion for Energy (F4E) to procure ITER components and R&D. The present emphasis of the FinnFusion programme is the following:

  • Technology R&D for ITER construction and systems including industry contracts
  • Implementation of the "Fusion Roadmap to the Realization of Fusion Energy" as a member of the EUROfusion Consortium with projects focusing on tokamak experiments and modelling
  • Creating concepts for the next generation fusion power plant DEMO in Europe

The seminar offers an ideal forum to discuss the scientific and technological directions of the Finnish fusion research community. This year, the major goal of the seminar is to discuss and plan the ways on how the Finnish research laboratories and the Finnish industry can best exploit the EU fusion programme and ITER. This includes the workshop type of activity on finding the best way to run the national FinnFusion program so that it would be in line with the European priorities and all Finnish stakeholders. The role of the funding bodies is vital as for the time being the program misses the national funding source. 

The seminar program also includes the traditional presentations on the technology and scientific activity of various FinnFusion projects and the FinnFusion student session with presentaions from students paid by the European fusion program.

Further information:

Tuomas Tala, VTT
Head of the FinnFusion Research Unit
FinnFusion, phone: +358 40 544 8984

Åsa Åvall, VTT
Meeting assistant, phone: +358 20 7226848