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2013 - 2014


FITRUS-projektiin liittyvät tapahtumat ITS Europe 2014 -konferenssissa

Papers and presentations

- (SP 0008) Öörni, Risto; Meilikhov, Evgeni and Korhonen, Timo. 2014. Interoperability of eCall and ERA-GLONASS in-vehicle emergency call systems.

Room 208, Wed. 18.6. 16:00-17:30

- Rantasila, Karri; Mantsinen, Heikki; Casey, Thomas; Hautala, Raine; Lankinen, Matti. 2014. Development of ITS multi-service from idea to deployment. (session IS01 Emerging ITS services 1)

Interactive Theatre, Tue 17.6. 11:00-12:30

- (TS01): Öörni, Seppo. Government-industry joint effort: Services and applications in road traffic

Room 204, Tue 17.6. 14:00-15:30

- (CP02) Lankinen, Lauri; Lankinen, Matti; Kataja, Timo; Honkonen, Pekka. 2014. Vedia For Fitsrus, Multi-service pilot for Helsinki – St. Petersburg Smart Corridor.

Commercial Theatre, Tue 17.6. 16:00-17:30


- Executive session (ES06) Trans-national cooperation on ITS, moderator Matti Roine

Room 101D, Wed. 18.6. 11:00-12:30

Vediafi and Corenet will deliver free wifi network for exhibition guests. Vedia landing page will be the homepage of the free wifi. Movements of an exhibition train can be followed via the landing page similar to real trains.

FITSRUS Stakeholders in exhibition

- Finnish Transport Agency

- Finnish Transport Safety Agency

- Ministry of Transport and Communications

- Vaisala

- Vediafi, Indagon, Corenet, Yandex Money (common exhibition booth)