Border-crossing Vedia Multiservice pilot was officially launched April 16th 2014 in Finland's Consulate General St. Petersburg. Launch seminars' presentation material is available from this web site.

  • FITSRUS pilot project - Seppo Öörni, Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications; Matti Lankinen Vediafi Oy

  • Market Research on border-crossing travellers coming from Russia to Finland - Taisia Barbasova, Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences.

  • Vedia Landing Page and Yandex Money topup payment solutions for Russian travellers - Elena Fadeeva, Yandex Money; Lauri Lankinen, Vediafi Oy

  • FITSRUS pilot project and future visions - Vladimir Krychkov, ITS-Russia

  • ITS-innovations: Finnish-Russian collaboration and international development - Karri Rantasila, VTT

  • Roadmap for Vedia Peace of Mind services for EU-travellers in Russia - Alexander Demin, Cesar Satellite

Presentations and press releases

- LVM Öörni & Vediafi Lankinen M. (English)
- KyAMK Barbasova. (русский)
Vediafi Lankinen L.(русcкий)
Yandex Money Fadeeva (русcкий)
- VTT Rantasila (English) VTT
- Rantasila (русский)

- Cesar Satellite Demin (русский)
- Пресс релиз (русский)

- Lehdistötiedote (suomi)

- Press release (English)