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Session 1:  FinnFusion News and IF-DONES Material Research Facility

Tuomas Tala, VTT  News from ITER, EUROfusion and FinnFusion
Liisa Heikinheimo, TEM Nuclear News from the Ministry
Francisco Martin-Fuertes, CIEMAT, Spain Present status of IFMIF-DONES project
Antti Rantakaulio, Fortum Requirements management in licensing process for IFMIF-DONES
Atte Helminen, VTT VTT's participation in the risk and safety assessments of EUROfusion IFMIF-DONES in WPENS project
Kai Nordlund, University of Helsinki Why is IFMIF crucial for enabling predictive modelling of material degradation in fusion power plants


Session 2: Commercial Finnish Fusion Projects

Lauri Siivonen, Tamlink  Development of the Water Hydraulic Digital Valve System for the Divertor Remote Handling System Operations
Sami Kiviluoto, FortumITER Power Plant Simulator
Arto Timperi, Comatec VTT-Comatec partnership for "fusion engineering"


Session 3: Commercial Finnish Fusion Projects

Ben Karlemo, Luvata  Luvata and Fusion as a part of Big Science
Antti Salmi, VTT Tokamak Energy: Private Fusion Enterprise in UK and Its Research Possibilities
Karoliina Salminen, VTT Remote Handling Connector as an important part of ITER Diagnostics system


Session 4: Presentations from EUROfusion and FinnFusion students and grant holders on their research projects

Longchuan Niu, TUT Development and integration of 3D Machine Vision & GENROBOT at DTP2
Petri Mäkinen, TUT Stability guaranteed control of flexible link RH manipulators
Elnaz Safi, UH Multiscale modelling of Be-D interactions under reactor relevant parameters
Jesper Byggmästar, UH Simulating radiation damage accumulation in iron using molecular dynamics
Aki Lahtinen, UH Plasma-wall interactions in fusion devices
Konsta Särkimäki, Aalto Runaway electrons in ITER
Paavo Niskala, Aalto Mass effects in turbulence and flows of tokamak plasmas
Paula Sirén, VTT Modelling of neutron sources for fusion reactor neutronics simulations
Huapeng Wu for Ming Li, LUT EUROfusion Engineering Grant: Design of control systems for remote handling of large components


Session 5: Presentations from new EUROfusion and FinnFusion students and grant holders on their research projects

Changyang Li, LUT Remote robot solution for the maintenance of divertor in DEMO
Adeyemi Adeleke, TUT Bilateral force reflecting master-slave control system development for heavy-duty RH manipulators subject to high-gear ratios and static non-linearities
Emil Levo, UH Irradiation Response in Equiatomic Multicomponent Alloys
Antti Snicker, Aalto EUROfusion Researcher Grant: Assessing synergistic effects of internal MHD modes and 3D fields on fast-ion transport
Etienne Hodille, UH EUROfusion Researcher Grant: Modelling the interactions between deuterium and beryllium oxide with molecular dynamics for fusion applications


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