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FUSION 2010 - Tampere, Finland, 2.6 - 3.6.2010



European Fusion Programme has entered a new era which will be dominated by the ITER construction. Procurements, design and R&D for ITER construction require financial and human resources more than was anticipated. Fusion for Energy (F4E) estimates that a huge amount of R&D is needed during the next ten years. This is a real challenge but also opportunity for the European and Finnish fusion community and industry.

This seminar provides forum for F4E and ITER to present their future procurement activities and needs. Representatives of industry will discuss their interests and questions with F4E and ITER. Seminar encourages participants for networking and discussing on cooperation.

Meet the key persons and present your views on possible future actions and new industrial opportunities!

DAY 1 Remote and Robotic Handling

ITER and F4E plans on Remote Handling will be presented and discussed. The ROViR laboratory with the DTP2 system will be visited and demonstrated. A plan for ITER Vacuum Vessel Assembly Welding Development will be introduced. Industry views on ITER Remote Handling and Robotics will be discussed.

DAY 2 Fusion Physics and Materials 

The second day covers the the fusion physics and materials research under the European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA) by the Association Euratom-Tekes.

Registration time for the seminar is May 10-24, 2010. Please note that the special prices for the hotels are valid only for a short time (see: accommodation). Due to a big rock concert in Tampere all the hotels in Tampere City centre are fully booked for the night of June 1-2. For that night we have a quota of rooms in the Spa Hotel Rantasipi Eden, in Nokia, approx. 20 minutes from Tampere City centre, VTT and airport.