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FUSION 2011 - Silja Serenade, Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki, 7-8, June 2011

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Association Euratom-Tekes

Fusion energy research and development of the Association Euratom-Tekesin is fully integrated in the Euratom Fusion Programme in the FP7. The emphasis of the Finnish programme is in technology R&D for ITER construction and systems and in the leading European fusion experiments at JET (Joint European Torus). The objective is a high level scientific and technological contribution to Euratom Programme and ITER in close collaboration with Finnish industry. The research unit of the Tekes Association consists of the teams from VTT, Aalto University, Tampere and Lappeenranta Unversity of Technology and University of Helsinki. In addition, several industrial companies are involved.

The Annual Seminar summarises the recent research and development work and covers ITER technology with emphasis in remote handing system for ITER divertor maintenance, advanced welding tools and the new results from JET and AUG experiments. Invited speaker is Dr. Gianfranco Federici from Fusion for Energy (F4E) who will present the European strategy for the starting Power Plant Physics and Technology (3PT) work in EFDA. Dr. Federici has a strong background in ITER technology and is at the moment he is seconded to EDFA CSU Garching to lead the European work on Demo and power plant conceptual design.

Topics include ITER technology and Finnish strategies, plasma-materials issues, European fusion experiments, materials modelling and strategies for Demo reactor design.

Seminar registrationand fees: Seminar fees are € 180 - 235 depending on the cabin class. The fee includes seminar material, two dinners and two breakfasts

The deadline for registration is 5 May 2011.

Please registrate as soon as possible as the number of participants in the seminar is limited