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1st EUROfusion Demo Workshop

1st EUROfusion DEMO and Prospective Research and Development Programme Workshop

27-28 February 2019, Espoo, Finland

EUROfusion research and development is focused on creating the first prototype nuclear fusion power-generating reactor, DEMO. The main missions of DEMO, building on the ITER programme, are to generate significant quantities of electricity, accomplish tritium self-sufficiency, and demonstrate all supporting technologies required for high-availability of the plant. Beyond DEMO, fusion electricity also needs to be commercially competitive.

We would like to invite you to participate in the EUROfusion 2 day workshop on the DEMO and Prospective R&D (PRD) Programmes, aimed at identifying specific routes to making fusion commercially viable, and the remaining gaps between DEMO and a commercial fusion power plant. The workshop will be hosted by VTT Espoo, Finland, 27-28th February 2019. The detailed agenda is currently being developed and more details will follow, but the outline of discussion topics is:

  1. Fusion's place in a future energy market and approaches to cost reduction
  2. Specific gaps from DEMO to a commercial power plant
  3. DEMO's potential future role as a component test facility
  4. Design for manufacture, and role in potential commercial fusion applications
  5. Commercial technology crossover opportunities
  6. Programmatic risks of particular technologies, including supply chain issues and scale-up
  7. Additional modelling needs beyond DEMO
  8. PRD programme specifics


Attendence is limited by space to 55 participants in person: please agree attendance with your RU. Remote participation will also be available via EUROfusion TV. Contact the meeting organiser to request remote participation.