Eco-efficiency in green machinery means lower energy consumption, waste minimization, better durability and functionality during the whole lifetime of the machine. Domestic appliances, vehicles, working machines, machines in manufacturing, process and energy industries, etc. are an essential part of modern society. A holistic approach in modern machine design is necessary to achieve sustainable solutions.

VTT’s scientific and technological focus on green machinery
VTT´s research focus is on holistic design environments, methods and tools to promote sustainable solutions in modern machine engineering. This includes application of virtual prototyping and simulation to optimize the designs for the lifetime of the machine. VTT also creates new eco-efficient product designs with the help of functional materials, low friction, automation and different electrical system solutions. Machines that help to use renewable energy sources are especially important, for example, windmills and biofuel harvesting machines. Life cycle management and life time extension of machines is also an important topic.

VTT’s key offering
The perpetual challenge in industry and business is to provide better products in shorter time-to-market and at lower cost. At the same time, products are becoming more complex and the user requirements – in productivity, quality, comfort and eco-efficiency – are getting stricter.

Virtual prototyping of machines
VTT provides long experience in modelling and simulation of complex multi-domain systems, including mechanics, electric systems, hydraulics and control. VTT offers its customers a full simulation model of the product which enables a cost effective method to reduce both time and expenses in product development and over the product life cycle as a whole.

VTT has developed an open software platform for modelling and simulation called Simantics that provides tools for multi-domain modelling connectivity via ontologies. In the future, mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid flow, hydraulics, automation, materials and structures of machines can be designed in the same framework. Life-cycle analysis calculations can be integrated into the engineering process.

All electric and hybrid machines
VTT develops new lightweight and energy-efficient electrical machine concepts for clean, energy efficient, low emission, reliable, and cost efficient machines. VTT offers condition monitoring methods for new service business models and better life-cycle control. Our offering includes electrical machine concepts with high power density and high specific torque, electrical machines integrated in their surrounding structures, intelligent solutions for machine control to enable low-energy consumption, care-free operation, and low vibro-acoustic emission.

Condition based maintenance of machines
VTT has created tools for condition monitoring and prognosis of future development of the condition of critical machinery components. New sensor technologies together with embedded measurement systems are developed to be used in efficient and sustainable machinery.