VTT provides clean water technology solutions enabling the sustainable use of water. VTT has a long experience in optimisation of industrial process water cycles and in sludge management. This expertise forms a strong base for development of new or improved technologies and systems for production of high-quality recycled fluxes. Water-efficiency is the key component in sustainable water management.

Growth of the world’s population, economical growth in the developing countries and the way in which the developed world uses the limited resources leads to increasing competition of natural resources. For example, it is predicted that the shortage of water may become the key factor limiting economic growth in many countries. The growing need for reduction of water consumption and introduction of alternative water resources are well-known challenges.

VTT’s scientific and technological focus on clean water technologies
VTT promotes sustainable water use by developing technological solutions, concepts and systems for production of clean and safe water, for efficient recycling and reuse of industrial and household water and for water efficient processes. Our focus areas include improvement of the technical prerequisites of water recycling, exploitation of new non-used resources for production of clean water, and increasing integration of waste and water management into the complex energy and material production chains of the society, instead of separate treatment solutions. The integration of life-cycle thinking into all the development work is an essential prerequisite of sustainability. VTT’s scientific and technological focus contains advanced on-line monitoring and process control systems ensuring efficient recovery and confidence in the quality of recycled water.

VTT’s key offering
Water technologies and systems
VTT’s strength in development of technologies and systems for water purification, recycling and reuse and for utilisation of water treatment residues is our capability to develop new solutions by combining our diverse basic competencies. These competencies include for example utilisation of various separation and fractionation technologies and advanced biological, chemical and electrochemical treatment technologies for production of clean water as well as for recycling and purification of process and household waters and for production of energy and materials from sludges and concentrates. The development of industrial water efficiency concepts (e.g. process, forest, mine and food industry, energy production) is supported by the experience in development of new processes, for example biorefinery concept, and process modelling.

Monitoring, data management and sustainability assessment
Various environmental assessment techniques, including LCA (life cycle assessment), water and carbon footprints are used for ensuring the sustainability of the technical solutions, concepts and systems. VTT develops on-line monitoring technologies, sensors and indicators for quality control of water.