VTT provides emission control technology and sustainable solutions to mitigate the emissions from processes, vehicles and engines. VTT operates as an expert for industry and environmental administrations in national and international networks.

The growing demand from individuals, companies and politicians is creating an urgent need to characterize the emissions, including from those sources which have not been monitored until now. Only then can the cost-effective actions that are needed be focused on those sources which are the most critical ones. With technology-based environmental solutions, the effects of environmental disasters can be mitigated.


VTT’s scientific and technological focus on emission control technology
The key elements in our research are the characterisation of process and traffic emissions and generation of new nano- and functional material-driven purification techniques. Our portfolio on emission measurements includes a wide variety of methods and specialised analysers for on-line determination as well as the classification of particulate emissions by size. We develop novel monitoring tools and concepts for clean processes and product verification.

VTT’s key offering
Our research operations, both in the field and in the laboratory, help our clients to develop their own products and processes to be more eco-efficient.

Characterization of emissions from processes, vehicles and engines
VTT provides special measurement methods for gaseous components, which includes high-performance on-line monitoring as well as characterization, sampling and specific analysis of several non-regulated trace pollutant species and fine particles. VTT offers integrated analytical solutions on flow dynamics and modelling of chemical gas phases, surface reactions and aerosols. We provide monitoring technologies for emissions at high-temperatures and corrosive processes. We affect the security of nuclear power plants by estimating the transport of fission product particles and gases.

Engine combustion emission and energy use
VTT has versatile laboratory facilities for engine combustion emission and energy use purposes. We provide reliable and internationally comparable information about emissions from complete vehicles simulating real-world duty cycles, both for on-road and non-road applications. We offer easy and cost-effective running tests with complete vehicles in well-controlled testing environments designed for different emission reduction systems.