Awareness about protecting and improving the quality of our environment is rapidly increasing. This follows rapidly growing demands for expertise and technologies to aid sustainable development. Sustainable businesses are expected to provide solutions for the world’s environmental and social problems. The best companies are finding ways to turn this responsibility into opportunity.

For the research community, the green development is a great inspiring challenge. To find the best solutions, a wide knowhow and integration of various disciplines are needed. As a multi-technological organisation with comprehensive networks, VTT is in a good position to meet these challenges. VTT already has a long tradition in the research of green technologies. The first major integrated action was the Clean World theme programme, implemented during the years 2002-2006. The theme aimed at developing sustainable technologies for advancing the use of renewable energy sources, more efficient use of raw materials, and reduction of greenhouse gases. Since then, an increasing number of projects and co-operative programmes have contributed to the understanding of green processes and accumulated innovation potential for sustainable businesses.

This publication has been written to reveal the complete green technology offerings of VTT in order to promote co-operation with our clients and research partners. It reveals our determined and effective approach to find new solutions. We are ready to take the next steps in sustainable development and to contribute our expertise for the success of our clients.