Green industrial systems provide methods, tools, and services for engineering, operation, and management of industrial manufacturing businesses. These approaches enable effective design, early simulation of environmental performances, versatile monitoring and control of material and energy flows, accurate and reliable calculations of relevant environmental metrics, analyses and optimisations of design and operational choices, and effective integration of various engineering tools that are necessary to manage the environmental impacts of products and processes.

Effective engineering of green industrial systems calls for environmental neutral solutions in all sectors and on all levels. At first, products, process technologies, manufacturing solutions, material and energy, and environmentally-aware operation of the industrial facilities must be inherently eco-efficient. Secondly, industrial systems must be designed, engineered, and operated by using appropriate, proven, efficient, and versatile engineering and information systems. This concerns design methodologies and tools for both products and processes, for process control and automation, for manufacturing control, for condition management, for value network management, and for business processes management. The manufacturing plants or factories and the related businesses can not be operated without them.

VTT’s scientific and technological focus on green industrial systems
VTT emphasises its knowledge, capability, and expertise to carry out life-cycle analyses, to assess the emissions and impacts and to calculate the energy and material costs in combination with various or overall aspects of industrial activities. This is typically highly-intensive expertise work offered as a service or consultancy. VTT also addresses the extensive use of simulators to be used in the design and operation of the industrial systems, both from the technical and engineering point-of-view including the various aspects of eco-efficiency. Efficient integration of engineering tools, standards compatibility, and open source are heavily employed.

VTT’s key offering
VTT offers extensive expertise for evaluating and developing industrial systems. One of the key offerings is life cycle analyses (LCA) that serve for strategic decision making, product and production development and logistic optimisation and defining legal demands. VTT’s LCA services support the customers with communication, marketing reporting, training, ecolabeling and ecoprofiles. VTT offers strategic foresight studies of environmental issues and benchmarking or critical reviews of other practisioners.

Product life-cycle simulation
As an essential part for effective engineering of green industrial systems, VTT offers simulators for several phases of a product life-cycle. VTT has created an effective, open-source SIMANTICS platform intended as an effective highway for simulators and other engineering tools integration.

KCL-ECO software
KCL-ECO is a multi-purpose software tool and model library developed for carrying out life-cycle analysis calculations. KCL-ECO is capable of handling large, enterprise scale systems.An essential part of the program is a substantial module database offering flexible reuse of previous analyses.

Combining eco-efficiency with economy of production
VTT has the capability to pilot industry methods that take into account the eco-efficiency and economy of production. VTT has tools for determining the significance of raw materials, energy, water, waste treatment and CO2 emission trading to the economy of production. VTT’s approach is then based on the combination of production process modelling, life-cycle assessment, eco-balance analysis, energy and material audits and ecological footprint