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Green VTT


Green VTT - Value from sustainability

Sustainability has become a primary concern for the mankind. We need to rethink the way we work, move, live and consume. These changes shake up traditional industries and create entirely new markets. The global demand for smart, environmentally and socially sustainable products and services is growing rapidly.

All this calls for new kinds of business and technology know-how. VTT, as a future-oriented multitechnological research organization, is the perfect innovation partner for companies targeting the green growth market. Our wide-ranging green technology offering is at your disposal. Let’s turn it into your business opportunity. Ask us how.

Green material technology – Optimizing resource usage and turning waste into new raw materials

Green bio- and chemical processing – Promoting cleaner production technologies

Emission control technology – Mitigating emissions from processes, vehicles and engines

Clean water technologies – Enabling the sustainable use of water

Green ICT– Developing smart ICT applications that enable more ecological solutions for the industry and everyday life

Green electronics – Addressing the needs of energy-efficient production, transport, lighting and housing

Green energy – A key global R&D partner in a wide range of renewable and sustainable energy modes, such as bioenergy, wind power, fuel cells, nuclear energy and clean coal solutions

Green transport– Increasing the efficiency of vehicles, introducing renewable energy and developing smart carbon-neutral transport systems

Eco-efficient built environment – Reducing the environmental impact of buildings and communities throughout their life cycle

Green industrial systems – Providing methods, tools and services for engineering, operation and management of industrial manufacturing businesses

Green machinery – Ensuring lower energy consumption, waste minimization, better durability and functionality during the whole lifetime of a machine