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Homecare - a model for continuous development of job well-being in homecare work

Today social and welfare sector has many challenges. As the people get older there is a growing need for healthcare services. At the same time, the expenses on public sector are cut. The combination of less resources and an increase in demand creates a challenging environment to maintain and increase the job well-being of homecare workers.

The aim of the Homecare project is to create a model for the continued development of well-being in homecare work. Based on holistic data gathered from the field we aim to define indicators and metrics for job well-being, customer satisfaction and efficiency. By following these metrics, correct measures can be made to increase the job well-being as well as customer satisfaction and efficiency. These developed metrics are tested out during the project in the selected homecare unit.

The results, including best practices found out during this project are widely applicable into the homecare work throughout Finland and even wider into the whole social and welfare work sector.