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55th Annual Meeting - HOTLAB 2018

Technical Program and Tours


HOTLAB 2018 will cover the broad spectrum of developments concerning the operation of hot laboratories, particularly the following:

  • Conditioning of high level waste for final repository
    • Waste from research projects: eg. embedded samples
    • Waste from power plant fuel: e.g. defect rods
    • Historic waste in the hotlab
  • International HOTLAB collaborations:
    • Update on Flying Pig
    • Follow up on Fukushima F1 debris / PreAdes program
    • Severe accident projects (CEA)
  • Keeping the hotlab fit : safety of aging hotlabs
  • Post irradiation examination
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Remote handling technology
  • Fuel transportation



Visits to the VTT nuclear research facilities will be arranged on September 20th (an a.m. group for those wanting to return home in the p.m., and a p.m. group for those staying on later or with late evening flights). The visit is included in the conference fee.

Preview VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety

Preview VTT hot cells

A visit to the Posiva spent fuel final repository visitors center and site in Olkiluoto is possible on September 21st (3.5 hour bus ride there, site tour with coffees and lunch, 3.5h bus ride back).  The visit costs 70€ (including transportation and lunch).  Registration and payment is made when registering for the conference.