Human-technology interaction (HTI) is a human-centred perspective to technological innovation and development. By understanding human factors and user experiences in everyday and working environments, HTI has great relevance to the economical success of technical products and services. The aim of HTI research is to enhance the implementation of information technologies in solutions that are more functional, usable and meaningful for people. VTT's human-technology interaction research is closely integrated to the research and development of different technologies, information society organisations and infrastructures. We conduct confidential research for individual clients as well as participate in multi-party joint ventures.

Human-centred design of information technology solutions
Human-centred design of digital services
User-driven innovation

Human activity and work in knowledge intensive environments

Systems usability and activity-centred design
Research on human activity, decision making and learning in work
People in organisations
Organisations and innovations
HTI in Transport

User interaction tools
Context aware services
Context adaptive user interaction technologies
Ambient intelligence interaction technologies
Knowledge intensive services
Mixed reality and visualisation
Human-Machine Systems and Virtual Reality
Social semantic media applications