Human-centred design of information technology solutions takes user needs and expectations as the starting point of product or service development process and evaluates design solutions with potential users throughout the design process. VTT’s service offering covers support in adopting human-centred design approach and user evaluation services:
Human-centred design process
Human-centred design services
User experience design and evaluation
User acceptance studies
Benchmarking usability and user experience studies

Co-creation services broaden user role from a research subject to an active co-designer and innovator. Users are the best experts of their own lives, and thus they can give valuable contribution especially to the early phases of design. VTT’s service offering covers co-creation from early concept creation to living lab studies where co-creation takes place during service use.

Scenarios as co-creation tools
Online co-design with Owela
Real life co-creation

Human activity and work in knowledge intensive environments requires fluent usage and organizational practises in order to improve the utilization of technology. VTT’s service offering helps in understanding user tasks and in designing and evaluating complex entities that consist of different technologies and  different users in different roles:

Cognitive ergonomics
Core Task Analysis (CTA) and modelling
Systems usability
Contextual Assessment of Systems Usability (CASU)
Contextual Assesment of Working Practices
Contextual Assesment of Organisational Culture

User interaction tools that are designed taking into account user needs, capabilities and preferences will provide good user experience. VTT can serve in developing, piloting and adopting new interaction solutions.

Interaction technologies
Mobile contactless services 
Context-aware services
Augmented reality