The best environments for ideation are environments that best reflect actual usage. VTT provides real-life co-creation services such as Innovation Showrooms and Living Labs. Innovation Showrooms are set up in places where people can easily visit. Potential end users can see and try new technical solutions, demos and illustrated service concepts while they are still in the development process. Innovation showrooms allow designers to meet and interact with potential users, get their feedback and improve the proposed solutions accordingly.

Living Labs are real life test, evaluation and development environments to pilot services. Once a service has been launched, the design improvements continue parallel to actual use. The users are provided with various direct and online tools to give feedback and propose development ideas. Good ideas and improvement suggestions are put to practise quickly during the living lab evaluation.

VTT supports real-life co-creation with the following services:

  • IHME innovation showroom – IHME brings service concepts and prototypes to actual usage environments which facilitate user-designer interaction and the receipt of rapid, contextual user feedback.
  • Living Lab service development - While users are using a new service, they create usage practises and generate ideas for improvement. In a Living Lab environment the ideas are gathered real-time during use and users exchange ideas of usage practises and possibilities - thus the service is continuously improving based on user feedback. Real life co-creation can continue throughout the service life cycle.