User experience is currently the most often used concept when studying new products and services from user point of view. User experience (UX) emphasizes that products need to support users’ hedonic needs such as pleasure and self-expression, in addition to pragmatic needs such as ease of use and usefulness. Designing for UX aims at broader views of users’ emotional, contextual and dynamically evolving needs, and the impact of users’ previous experiences to the new experiences. Positive user experience means that the users’ interactions with every contact point in the life-cycle of the service are satisfying, including purchasing, taking the service into use, active usage of the service, using support services such as maintenance, updating the service and finally getting rid of the service.

We at VTT help our customers to define targeted user experience for a new system or service. We also help in designing the service so that it supports the user experience target. User evaluation activities throughout the design process help in focusing on key user experience issues in the design. As the result, the system or service is better accepted by users and provides pleasant user experience throughout the life cycle.