In 2010, VTT undertook the mid-term evaluation of Crisis Management Iniative project ”Governance out of a Box”-project (GooB). CMI’s Governance out of a Box concept aims to identify and offer both the international community and national governments recovering from crisis, analytical tools with which to plan, evaluate and acquire ICT based solutions enabling efficient and swift reinstating of key governance and basic service delivery functions of state.

At the heart an ICT4D project, GooB supports advanced mobile communiation based birth registration processes in Liberia, and thereby contributes to the state building and improvement of civil society. By providing basic services, such as birth registration and issuance of birth certificates, for citizens a state recovering from a conflict shows dividends of peace and rebuilds social contract between citizens and state. A stable peace and development can be built only on a functional state apparatus and administration.

As the first field pilot of the concept, CMI and its private sector partners have been supporting reinstatement and decentralization of birth registration in Liberia with information and communication technology (ICT) since 2008. In the mid July of 2009, Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) and the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) signed an MOU agreeing for the piloting of the Governance out of a Box project as a complement to the reinstating and decentralization of birth registration in the country. CMI and its technology partner Nokia aim to support the Ministry of Health in its effort to meet the PRS objective of registering close to 90% of all children by utilizing mobile devices to collect and transmit birth registration information to a centralized database.

The immediate objective of the Governance out of a Box – Population Registration in Liberia (MFA code 25101801) Project is to re-establish the system of data collection and entry for birth registration in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) in one pilot county and thereby, create a model for county-level data collection and also provide baseline data for a civil registry in Liberia. Through the system of data collection of birth registration data CMI supported the MoHSW in its efforts to meet the PRS objective of registering close to 90% of all children under the age of 5 and sought also to contribute establishment of civil registry in Liberia.

Thus, the broader aim of the project is two-fold: Firstly, to strengthen state capacity to revive birth registration as one of the basic services of state and thus, through strengthening state capabilities contribute to consolidation of peace and development in Liberia. Secondly, create a replicable model of ICT supported birth registration which is sustainable, robust but swift to set up.

VTT has been leading the mid-term evaluation team, which has included also experts from the University of Helsinki and CMI representatives. The project is implemented during the last quarter of 2010.

Crisis Management Iniative

Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), a Finnish independent non-profit organization, works to resolve conflict and to build sustainable peace. CMI was founded in 2000 by its Chairman President Martti Ahtisaari. The headquarters of the organisation are in Helsinki, Finland.


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