News: CEK Colloquium "Quantitative measurement of research and innovation system transitions" took place 12-13.3.2013. Presentations and further information here.


Significant system level transitions of innovation environments unfold long periods of time, with periodic shake-outs, and consist of co-evolution of knowledge creation systems, innovation implementation and demand structures, and policy regimes. We propose a holistic, approach to analyse progressive system-transitions with economy and society wide impacts in Finland 1970-2014, and to develop specific quantitative and qualitative monitoring and foresight techniques.

Key objective of the project is to develop measures to assess systemic change in knowledge, technology and innovation processes in the Finnish innovation environment. Employing previously little used scientometric data and methods, we offer an analysis of transformative processes of the system, and discuss co-evolutionary processes of knowledge creation and innovation pipelines. The project is organized in ONE work package (plus one for policy learning and knowledge diffusion:

At the heart of our proposal, constituting the WP1 Systemic changes in Finnish knowledge and innovation system, is a broad-sweeping quantitative analysis of Finnish research and patenting with scientometric data mining methods. The objective of this work package is to establish an understanding of long and system-wide transformations of the Finnish innovation environment and to arrive at specific monitoring methods for systemic change in knowledge and technology systems. Particular emphasis is put to identify trigger and threshold elements characterizing expansion, contraction, and qualitative transformation of the Finnish innovation ecosystem and to establish relevant policy connections.

Project’s has a holistic approach, mobilizing different methodologies, perspectives and sources of evidence, to establish all-encompassing macro-perspective on evolution of institutions of knowledge, targeted development of monitoring methods and indicators, as well as insights into the currently unfolding shake-out of the global ICT industry.

A central challenge to our proposal is how to add value to the existing literature on the transformation of the Finnish innovation environment and the analysis of ICT industries, both already exhaustively analysed. Our central claim for novelty is our specified contributions on understanding of systemic changes in the knowledge creation and innovation system, the co-evolutionary relationship between research and innovation.

Collaboration partners include Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Texas, San Antonio. The project runs 2012-2014.