Where: VTT, Tekniikantie 2, Espoo, Auditorium (unless otherwise indicated)
Format: Presentation 30 minutes, 30 minutes Q&A
Registration: Please use registration link provided for each seminar below. Seminars are free and open to anyone, but space is limited. Registration for events closes on preceding Friday.
Language: Seminar language is English.
Further info: Most information about this seminar will be disseminated through the LinkedIn group: Innovation Studies Finland” – Join it for receive updates and changes.
Contact: Hannes.Toivanen@vtt.fi
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22nd January 2013, 14-15Participatory innovations in public policy – a deliberative systems approach”, Mikko Rask, Consumer Research Centre. Presentation.

5thFebruary 2013, 14-15 “ Turning the tide in knowledge circulation and transfer: Universities as utilisers of unused intangible assets of firms”, Janne Lehenkari, VTT. Presentation.

26th February, 2013, 14-15 ” Some perspectives on the future of research and development”, Mika Nieminen, VTT.

19th March, 2013, 14-15 “ On dimensions of foresight in the context of innovation studies”, Toni Ahlqvist, VTT

26th March, 2013, 14-15” The dynamics of system innovations: the case of energy systems”, Per Mickwitz, Finnish Environmental Research Institute. Presentation.

16th April, 2013, 14-15  “From renewal to stagnation: System level transitions and the focus of Finnish research frontiers: 1995-2010”, Arho Suominen & Hannes Toivanen, VTT. CANCELLED

14th May, 2013, 14-15, “Creating hype in the context of b2b complex product systems – is it different than consumer business?”, Marko Seppänen, Center for Innovation and Technology Research, Tampere University of Technology.
                      Register: https://www.lyyti.fi/ilmoittaudu/VTT_6880