Program Appraisal: Programme of Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation between Finland and Mosambique

In 2010, governments of Finland and Mozambique launched ambitious ”Programme of cooperation in science, technology and innovation” (STIFIMO), which spans 5 years and has a total budget of above 20 million euros. Programme’s key objective is to strengthen the build-up of Mozambican national system of innovation, as well as facilitate its outreach to regions. It thrives to create a more holistic approach in order to enhance the national STI system so that it contributes effectively to economic growth and poverty alleviation.

At final stages of programme’s preparation, VTT was contracted by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs to appraise the programme and its intended design. In cooperation with the Universidade Eduardo Mondlande and the Global Research Alliance, VTT led a team that examined programmes' intended strategy and implementation plan.

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