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I4D - Innovation and development

Innovation is a key driver of development in poor and rich countries. Yet, immediate societal needs, especially poverty, as well as the broader environment for innovation and information society, create specific strategic and structural challenges for developing countries building knowledge based economies and societies.

The on-going sea-change in global economic growth provides another backdrop for our efforts on innovation in emerging and developing countries. Poor and low-income countries have are or have emerged as the major source of global economic growth, and this macro-economic trend will have deep-going effects on how knowledge and innovation are created and implemented across the globe. We want to be at the forefront to understand this phenomenon.

These web pages provide an overview of how our team and projectst at VTT Organizations, Networks, and Innovation Systems-knowledge centre contribute to science, technology and innovation for development, as well as ICT4Ds. We carry out high-quality academic research on innovation and information society in the context of development, and offer also broad range of support services for improving and building innovation systems and information society.

Our centre, supported by other VTT expertise, provides multi-technology expertise on all aspects of innovation and information society, ranging from support to policy makers, to regional systems, research organizations, firms, to specific technological and engineering challenges. Currently, activities of our team focus on Southern and Eastern Africa, Brazil, and to support multilaterial international organizations, but VTT implements projects and serves clients globally.

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