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IBNet - 2009

IBNet - coordinating the icebreaker fleet



IBNet is a distributed traffic information system for icebreakers. IBNet works over mobile connections and utilizes satellite images, weather and ice forecasts for presenting and predicting the changes in the ice conditions. By combining ice condition information with real-time sea traffic information, IBNet offers valuable background information for coordinating the icebreaker fleet. IBNet also provides statistics reports that enable follow-up of how the icebreaker fleet has operated and provides tools for controlling and improving the service level of the icebreakers.

IBNet's distributed architecture with asynchronous replication ensures the usability of the system in all conditions. Local reporting and information retrieval is enabled even in cases when the communication connections are temporarily broken.

Image: IBNet - Traffic information view

IBNet is used as a decision support system on the icebreakers and at the coordinating centres in Finland and Sweden. In the icebreaking co-operation of these countries IBNet plays a central role as the operative tool for maintaining and developing the service level of the icebreakers on the Baltic Sea.

IBPlott - Map-based, real-time sea traffic display

IBPlott is an extension module of IBNet, providing a graphical map-based presentation displaying the traffic situation on top of satellite images and ice charts. Up-to-date satellite images, weather and oceanographic data are displayed together with AIS-based (Automatic Identification System) real-time traffic situation in a zoomable and pannable window. IBPlott supports presenting many images at the same time. Routes can be drawn and vector-based coastlines can be shown over the images.

Image: IBPlott - Traffic situation view