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InnoHub - Innovations for healthcare and well-being products and services

Philips Applied Technologies and VTT have launched an InnoHub for breakthrough innovations in healthcare, life-style and well-being. The InnoHub is a one-stop shop for the entire innovation process, from generating ideas, to concept development, prototyping and testing of products and services.

The real-life setting enables testing of products between various locations and stakeholders. Both multinational companies and SMEs can engage with InnoHub’s experts and support services. All Nordic and Baltic companies are able to tap into Philips’ and VTT’s innovation experience for entire innovation projects as well as additional specialist support in certain phases of a project that has already started.

Companies can benefit from the InnoHub by becoming members and paying a yearly contribution to obtain services or by commissioning ad-hoc projects. User-centric development and end-user validation testing prior to product release will help the companies to reduce the time to market, development costs and field call rates.