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InnoLeap - 2014

InnoLeap - Take an innovative leap to the future with VTT´s concept design!

What is InnoLeap?

To succeed and grow in the competitive markets of today, your company needs to create fresh business opportunities for itself. One way to create these opportunities is to develop future-oriented and innovative product concepts, and visualize them in an engaging way for customers, media, and other stakeholders. This can be done with VTT’s new InnoLeap concept design approach, which is based on trend and user studies, co-innovation, scenario stories, and visualizations. The module structure of InnoLeap makes it possible for you to choose the services that best fit your needs. With our experience and solid research methods, we can provide the springboard for your products to take an innovative leap!

Concepts developed with VTT’s InnoLeap approach will

  • be built on in-depth understanding of users and their activity,

  • demonstrate the concrete benefits of the proposed solutions for users, and

  • provide a “wow” experience for all stakeholders.

With the support of VTT’s InnoLeap, your company will be able to

  • create buzz in the media around the concepts,

  • create new business opportunities by the market demand built with the concepts,

  • improve its brand image as an innovative company, and

  • ultimately become a forerunner in your industry.

After a collaboration project with us, it is also possible for you to integrate parts of the InnoLeap approach into your company’s product development processes. The results of an InnoLeap project with VTT will inspire your company and its stakeholders to adopt a new design mindset and working methods to become more innovative!

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