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iNTeg-Risk 2009

iNTeg-Risk - Early Recognition, Monitoring and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology Related Risks

VTT is participating in the EU-funded security-related project known as iNTeg-Risk.

The aim of iNTeg-Risk is to improve the management of Emerging Risks related to new materials and technologies in order to reduce the time to-market for EU lead market technologies and promote safety, security, environmental friendliness and social responsibility as a trademark of the advanced EU technologies.

VTT’s activities at the moment include:

  • Definition of the iNTeg-Risk paradigm for dealing with emerging risks due to new technologies – contact: Anna-Mari Heikkilä
  • Emerging risks related to advanced storage technologies for hazardous materials (including H2) - contact: Pertti Auerkari
  • Challenges to safety posed by outsourcing of critical tasks – in oil, gas, petrochemical and construction industries – contact Teuvo Uusitalo
  • Development of models and methods for process developers and engineers and for plant operators and maintenance staff – contact: Anna-Mari Heikkilä
  • Development of models and methods for decision makers – contact: Teuvo Uusitalo
  • UML of Emerging Risks - general principles (Emerging Risk Management) and IT aspects – contact: Raija Koivisto