There are three research partners and three sponsor companies involved in the IPTOSS project. The research partners receive funding from the national funding agencies, Tekes in Finland and FOEN in Switzerland. The sponsor companies sponsor the work of VTT, and help to steer the research in the industrially relevant direction. In addition, Roal Oy provides enzyme samples for use in the project.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland – research partner

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a globally networked multitechnological applied research organization. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. We enhance our customers’ competitiveness, thereby creating prerequisites for society’s sustainable development, employment, and wellbeing. VTT coordinates the IPTOSS project, develops strategies to improve the enzymatic hydrolysis of brewer’s grain carbohydrates, studies the protein and lignin release methods, and strives to develop a low-water low-energy input fractionation concept for brewer’s grain.

Contact: Raija Lantto, raija.lantto(at)

Institute for Ecopreneurship, School of Life Sciences, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland – research partner

The Institute for Ecopreneurship - “Business for the Environment”, is engaged in research at national and international levels. Process engineering and optimisation as well as management concepts for ecologically efficient industrial production are at the core of IEC research and service offerings. In the areas of environmental protection and advancement of ecological efficiency, preventive measures and innovative environmental and biotechnological processes for emission reduction (e.g. micropollutants and nanoparticles in sewage water) and optimised resource (e.g. lignins) management methods are developed.

Contact: Philippe Corvini, philippe.corvini(at)

Bionactis Ltd – research partner

BionActis International Group SA (Bionactis) is located in the centre of the trinational Valais area (Switzerland – France – Italy). This company was established in order to develop and market economical, clean and energy-efficient industrial processes, using subcritical gases where liquid solvents are presently used. The initial industrial process handled by Bionactis was extraction, which led to the development of several technologies, i.e. Adiabatic extraction, Flash extraction and FlashFreeze extraction. Due to low operational costs, these technologies, which were originally developed for bioactive ingredients in the fields of nutrition, pharma and cosmetics, are also foreseen to play a major role for energy and environmental applications, i.e. in the production of biofuels and the eco-treatment of waste. The research and development activities of Bionactis encompass a wide range of projects ranging from the development of new products using the proprietary technologies to the optimisation of production processes in order to supply emerging markets and their specific needs with state-of-the art processes, more efficient and more economical, both in terms of investment and running costs.

Contact: Pierre Salvat, pierre.salvat(at)



Roal Oy – sponsor company

Roal Oy is a manufacturer of industrial enzymes and a 50:50 joint venture between Associated British Foods (ABF) in the UK and Altia, a Finnish potable alcohol manufacturing company. The majority of enzymes produced by Roal are marketed and distributed by AB Enzymes Oy (Finland) and AB Enzymes GmbH (Germany). The enzyme products (e.g. cellulases, xylanases, mannanases, phytases, proteases) are sold for food, feed, pulp & paper, textile, detergent and bioethanol industries. Roal Oy and its predecessors Primalco Oy Biotec and Alko Ltd have more than 50 years of experience in producing and developing industrial enzymes. The majority of enzymes are produced using proprietary Trichoderma reesei mutant strains developed over the years. Roal Oy also governs key patents in the field of Trichoderma production technology and biomass hydrolysis. Continuous development of the enzyme production strains and enzymes in the current portfolio as well as acquisition of novel enzyme activities is a requisite to compete in industrial enzyme markets and to respond to demands from authorities.

Contact: Terhi Puranen, terhi.puranen(at)

Oy Panimolaboratorio – Bryggerilaboratorium Ab – sponsor company

Oy Panimolaboratorio - Bryggerilaboratorium Ab (PBL) is a company devoted to pre-competitive research and development in malting and brewing. It is owned by the malt-producing company Polttimo Oy/Viking Malt and three breweries, Oy Hartwall Ab, Oy Sinebrychoff Ab and Olvi Oyj. PBL operates on a pre-competitive level and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is the main strategic research partner. The objective of PBL is to build a scientific and technical platform for creating an environment promoting the shareholders’ competence and global competitive edge in both the short and long term. PBL finances research projects that cover the whole value chain from barley to beer and coordinates technical scale trials and acceptance of new malting barley varieties in Finland. As sponsor of IPTOSS, PBL participates in the funding and steering of the project, and provides brewer’s grain samples.

Contact: Annika Wilhelmson, Annika.wilhelmson(at)

St1 Biofuels – sponsor company


Contact: Jyri Maunuksela, jyri.maunuksela(at)