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KULJEN - Forecasting transportation availability


  • Globalisation has created a totally new way of living. The production of goods is spread all over the world and their delivery needs a fast and reliable transportation system.

  • This is important not only for the industry and business but applies also to the necessary products like food, medicine, hygiene products and energy.

  • Western societies are fully dependent on the freight and transportation system, which directly have an impact on the safety and security of their citizens.


KULJEN project creates a simulation tool to support the freight transport strategy planning

  • The most crucial factors defining the transportation demand are identified

  • A simulation tool is created to simulate the transportation demand based on the identified factors and different hypotheticals

  • Total demand locally and nationally are being simulated

Potential end-users

  • Transport companies

  • National transit and road traffic infra planners and decision makers

  • National emergency supply agencies

  • National defence forces