The research theme of sustainability assessment covers environmental, economic, and social aspects of sustainability. Our research is focused on the development of assessment methodology and tools and on the evaluation of impacts over products' entire life cycle. 

Our areas of expertise include life cycle assessment (LCA) and the environmental impacts of new products, materials and technologies. Other competence areas are corporate responsibility, sustainability indicators and eco-efficiency. Important indicators are carbon footprint and water footprint.

VTT's special expertise lies in combining knowledge about sustainability impact and evaluation tools with concrete technological knowledge from various specific sectors of industry. We participate in several international research projects under the EU's FP7 work programme, developing environmental and sustainability indicators and conducting sustainability assessments for new technologies.

Solutions and tools

We specialise in LCA, carbon footprint and water footprint analyses, environmental product declarations (EPDs), critical reviews, sustainability assessment (addressing environmental, economic, and social factors), sustainability indicators, and the LCA software SULCA. In addition, we organise training and seminars related to sustainability.

VTT's experts participate in standardisation work related to carbon footprint (ISO 14067 and ISO 14069), water footprint (ISO 14046), eco-efficiency (ISO 14045), and social responsibility (ISO 26000).

We bring the latest expertise from research projects to customer assignments. All customer projects are tailored to the customer's needs. 

Our customers represent various sectors, including the forest industry, biomaterials, bioenergy, the mineral and metal industry, construction, design and engineering, transport and logistics, discrete production, the ship and boat industry, the electronics industry, and the media sector,


The following are among the benefits offered:

  • Sustainable product and technology development, life cycle design, eco-design
  • Detailed information about sustainability impacts of products and technologies
  • Knowledge of ways to reduce impacts, increase efficiency, and improve economic performance
  • Fact-based material for environment-related communication to customers and stakeholders


VTT's researchers have over 20 years of experience in the field of sustainability, both in research projects and in customer work. We are among the leading experts in conducting environmental evaluation and sustainability assessment in the context of projects funded by the EU and Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation).