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LEHMA - Hybrid media application for language studies in elementary school

The aim of the study is to develop a new hybrid media product for learning environments and to evaluate its suitability and potential for studying English as a foreign language in elementary school. The first prototype made for the study consists of an English book linked to a mobile phone through 2D codes. By using the code reader the user is able to carry out listening tasks and interactive grammar exercises which opens up in the mobile phone’s web browser. The hybrid book concept was evaluated by ten elementary school teachers.

According to the user tests with the teachers the hybrid book would motivate pupils and allow them to study regardless of time and place. The interviewed teachers had a very positive attitude to using a mobile phone side-by-side with the text book in order to carry out tasks not possible with the text book alone (e.g. listening tasks). Most of the teachers were willing to use a hybrid book for teaching if it was available. All the interviewed teachers thought that pupils would be interested in using a hybrid book, and hence it will be interesting to observe how the pupils themselves evaluate the use of the hybrid book in the next phase of the study.