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Life City -Project

Life City -project (2015-17) is a research and development project mainly funded by the European Regional Development Fund, coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, and implemented in cooperation with the University of Oulu, and collaborating companies. The main objective of the project is to develop and promote sustainable city planning based on modern energy-efficient wooden buildings, and decentralized energy infrastructure with multiple renewable energy sources and smart/flexible networks.

Other objectives include enhancing the export business knowledge and technical prerequisites of the collaborating SME companies mainly in northern Finland. In cooperation with the collaborating companies, the project aims to study and develop new design, manufacturing and construction methods with which it is possible to improve cost-effectiveness, environmental impact, energy-economy, microclimate and other living comfort issues of wooden buildings in different climate zones, taking also the climate change into account. These methods include 3D building information modeling integrated more efficiently with manufacturing automation systems (CAD-CAM), and the development of the overall production management process "from forest to cities".

As a result, the project aims to create a CO2-neutral concept for built environment, consisting of modern wooden buildings in smart and sustainable neighborhoods. Life City is an export concept that adapts to the local climate conditions, but in addition to technical matters also considers the social needs of different communities. It includes both public services (community centres, kindergartens, schools, health centres) and residential buildings (multi-storey apartments - and single-family houses).