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Liquid hydrogen “batteries” for storing renewable energy, LOHCNESS

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Liquid hydrogen "batteries" for storing renewable energy, LOHCNESS

LOHC imageNone of the today’s energy storages are feasible to serve the on-going energy revolution from fossil to renewable energy as they are limited in storage times and capacities. Hydrogen is a flexible energy carrier, but its storage, transport and use as compressed or liquid form is not reasonable due to efficiency and safety reasons. Therefore development of a feasible hydrogen storage media is vitally needed globally and nationally. Markets for feasible energy storage media are huge covering various energy producer and user sectors, including Finnish SMEs.

Liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs) are liquid hydrogen “batteries”, which can be reversibly hydrogenated and dehydrogenated using catalysts and elevated temperatures. LOHCs would offer an energy storage solution, which is compatible with the existing infrastructure for liquid fuels with flexible storage times and capacities. The LOHC concept could serve as storage of renewable electricity and energy for demanding use in Finland, including energy sectors, residential use, shipping and mobile applications. In this project, the feasibility and performance of the LOHC solutions will be evaluated. Practical information of the performance of the LOHC concept is generated, particularly, in terms of the purity of hydrogen released and the long-term durability of the LOHC fuel cell installation. Project is also aiming at development of catalyst and components further.

Duration of project: 5/2017 - 4/2019

Consortium: VTT, University of Helsinki, Fortum, St1, Woikoski, Leppäkosken sähkö, Aino Energia

Contact:        Päivi Aakko-Saksa, VTT 
                       Timo Repo, University of Helsinki

Hydrogen Seminar on 7th Nov 2018, Espoo, Finland.

Hydrogen seminar 7.11.2018 Invitation and Program.pdf Register by 31.10.2018! 

Leaflet and presentation of the LOHCNESS project

Leaflet of the LOHCNESS project

Hydrogen storage and transport using liquid organic hydrogen carriers, MARANDA Workshop 9.10.2017.


Aakko-Saksa, Cook, Kiviaho, Repo. Liquid organic hydrogen carriers for transportation and storing of renewable energy – Review and discussion. Journal of Power Sources, Volume 396, 2018, pp. 803-823.