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Low Carbon Finland 2050 – VTT clean energy technology strategies for society

Low Carbon Finland 2050


Finland aims to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 reflecting the EU policies.

VTT’s strategic project “Low Carbon Finland 2050” gathered VTT’s technology experts in clean energy production, smart energy infrastructures, transport, buildings, and industrial systems as well as experts in energy system modelling and foresight. The projects synthesis report Low Carbon Finland 2050 – VTT clean energy technology strategies for society, published in November 12th,2012 in VTT Visions publication series, is a summary of VTT’s findings on the role of new technologies in moving Finland sustainably towards a low carbon economy.

The analysis has been contributed by creating three different low carbon storylines, “Tonni” and “Inno” and “Onni” for Finland, which are compared to the business-as-usual scenario. The analysis includes systematic modelling and assessments of the whole energy chain, including fuel and energy production, energy infrastructures and end use in buildings, transportation, and industries.

The synthesis report of the project is supplemented by the material on this website to provide more detailed description of the data and assumptions. Central target of the publication is to stimulate enlightening and multidisciplinary discussions on low carbon futures of Finland.