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MaintenanceKIBS 2009 - 2011

MaintenanceKIBS - Competitive advantage through knowledge-intensive product-service system


Many manufacturing companies have started moving into the service industry by introducing services along with their core products. The development of services provides companies growth opportunities and new revenue models. Outsourcing and globalization can be seen as reasons to the increase of technology-based knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS). In addition services generally provide substantially higher profitability than other industrial businesses and services also provide revenue through the entire life cycle of products.

Development of integrated product-service solutions, however, includes great challenges. Typically product and service design are made separately in different organization units. Technical personnel are responsible of the development of physical products while service planning is made by marketing organization. As a result of this services are generally planned afterwards causing problems in the compatibility of product and services. Also in many cases there is too little attention to business analysis of product-service-solutions, for example life cycle profit evaluation or revenue logic assessment of alternative product-service solutions.

In this project the goal is to develop a new kind of knowledge-intensive service and product design method. The method provides tools and practices for 1) concurrent design of product and service, 2) to manage and utilize information gathered in different planning phases and 3) assess life cycle costs and profitability of alternative product-service-concepts.

Competitive Advantage through Knowledge-intensive Product-Service Systems project is part of Serve-Pioneers of Service Business 2006-2013 research programme which is funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes). Target of the Serve programme is to increase and broaden the services development of the Finnish industry and to promote academic research in service related areas. Innovative service concepts and internationally competitive business models renew and strengthen the Finnish economy. The project started in November 2009 and expires in November 2011.