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ManMAP 2009 - 2011

MANAGING THE M&A PROCESS - From Opportunities to New Business Creation


Although business renewal through acquisition activity has shaped industries and organisations for decades, never has it been pursued in such magnitude as during the past decade. This trend calls for new practical methods and tools for managing the process from recognising opportunities emerging from technology & service and market developments to ensuring business continuity. The ManMAP research project focuses directly on this goal.

Our aim is to develop a strategy-oriented M&A (mergers and acquisitions) approach and related tools in the case of new business creation. The project includes four more specific objectives:

• Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of risk and opportunity management across the whole new business creation and M&A process from design (i.e. identifying and creating new business opportunities) to business continuity

• Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the related strategic decision making process in the same context

• Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of timing in this process and how the process could be made more future-oriented

• Providing methods for companies to support the building of a successful process in terms of the three previous objectives (for example, identifying critical decisions in the process, providing tools for coping with conditions of high uncertainty)

The project is part of the Liito–Innovative Business Competence and Management 2006-2010 programme financed by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes). The project activity will be carried out in the time frame 1.3.2009 - 31.03.2011.

Key words:

mergers and acquisitions (M&A), M&A process, , integration process, new business creation, uncertainty management, risk and opportunity management, strategic decision making, M&A evaluation