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Main results

The project will deliver the following main results:

  • New scientific research results  (conference and journal papers etc.)
  • Model and practical tools to evaluate investments and to assess uncertainty and risk including e.g.
    • tool for cost benefit assessment and (economic value)
    • tool for societal criteria assessment (societal, symbolic, emotional value)
    • tool for assessing risks of new investments
  • Workbook
  • Company-specific analysis, presentations and reports (brief & to the point) and company-tailored tools for day-to-day business development and decision-making

Conceptual evaluation framework

Preliminary investment evaluation framework is presented in the figure below. The starting point of applying the assessment methodology is a perceived need for investments, for example, in productivity, replacement and maintenance and for capacity expansion. Thus, assessing the value of investments can be considered a continuing process. Additionally, decision-making can be considered a multidimensional problem wherein any of purely economic, strategic, or risk-related assessment can be deemed inadequate for consideration of all relevant elements.