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MittaMerkki project

MittaMerkki brings together innovative knowledge and experience of project partners in order to advance companies' ability to create value and to provide decision models and tools to evaluate investments and to assess uncertainty and risk. The research presents the role and potential of wider value creation in the context of investment decision-making, addressing how to ensure that the most suitable investments get appropriate focus and that the goals for the decisions can be reached.

MittaMerkki brochure can be downloaded from here:Brochure.pdf 


The focus is to provide a methodological framework and practical tools for integrating wider value creation perspective into the investment decision-making. Investments should be evaluated, selected and prioritized not only in terms of money but also with regard to sustainability, safety, quality, social acceptability and other typically intangible criteria. As the project involve companies from different industries the results will be not be industry specific. The following viewpoints will be considered in MittaMerkki:




The project is divided into five tasks, which comprise several phases and outcomes as follows:



The research will be carried out in an interdisciplinary consortium including expertise in investment appraisal, risk management, value creation and business model development as well as strategic decision making.

In the first phase of the research state-of-the-art analyses and interviews will be made. In the framework development phase, investment appraisal, multi-criteria decision analysis and risk analysis methods well as business modelling approaches are utilized to develop a framework for integrating the wider value perspective into the investment decision-making. During the case studies, the developed tools will be tested by companies participating in the research consortium.

Time schedule

The project activity will be carried out in the time frame 1.1.2015 - 31.12.2016.

Exploitation Potential

The developed framework and tools support investment assessment and thus simultaneously increase success of overall business profitability and continuity. From this perspective the project results enhance the capability to plan and manage investments and support related decision-making in a systematic manner. The procedures developed are not tied to any branch of industry. Results can also be applied in turbulent business environment where transition in value formation is forcing companies to seek new models and ways of operating and supporting their business and related investments. The developed methods and tools are aimed at all managers and people involved in strategy and business development and investment planning and decision-making.

Means for result dissemination and exploitation are e.g. articles, reports and presentations in international conferences.