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Mobilization of innovative design tools for refurbishing of buildings at district level

MODER Project number: 680447

Horizon 2020 H2020-EeB-2015, EeB-05-2015, INNOVATION ACTION
Coordinator: SWECO Jyri Nieminen

Duration: 1.9.2015 – 31.8.2018
The project will develop, demonstrate and mobilize design tools, processes and business models for efficient refurbishment on building and district level. Design tools will enable evaluation of different retrofitting alternatives at different stages of projects, consideration of district level impacts and simultaneous consideration of cost and energy efficiency. Process development aims at sustainable retrofit design especially by developing models for procurement and models for design management.  Business models focus on  the generation and delivery of distributed energy to support new retrofit solutions which enable the use of local renewable energy sources.



​Horizon 2020 H2020-EeB-2015, EeB-05-2015, INNOVATION ACTION