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MOMA - 2010


MOMA - Mobile technology to support maintenance efficiency

Moma project researches the role of mobile technology in strengthening the maintenance operations. The project has three major aims; firstly to identify the benefit of mobile technology in maintenance and to measure it, secondly to research the development process of mobile solutions aimed for professional use and thirdly to evaluate the potential of new technologies (eg. NFC, RFID) in developing more value added mobile solutions in industrial environment.

The aim of the project is to identify the maintenance operations where mobile solutions can provide significant benefit. Project will research methods of measuring the benefits of mobile solutions; basis for measuring can be increased amount of real-time information and reported data or effectiveness of maintenance operations. The research is done in demanding industrial environment that will set hard requirements for mobile solutions. Therefore, the aim of this project is to develop solutions that will ease and fasten the maintenance operations in such environment. The project is researching new mobile technologies in order to provide user-friendly and convenient ways of using mobile solutions, such as RFID and NFC.