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MycoKey workshop 2018

Irina Bolat

Session chair

Dr. Irina Bolat​ studied Food Science and Technology at the University "Lower Danube" in Galati, Romania specializing in Malting and Brewing. In 2003 she completed her master degree in Food Products Technology and Quality Control. In 2009 she finished her PhD in Industrial Engineering at the same University, with a thesis focused on brewing yeast management. In 2013 Irina finished her second PhD in Industrial Microbiology at the  Technical University Delft, the Netherlands, under the supervision of Prof Dr. Jack Pronk and Dr. Jean-Marc Daran, analysing the hybrid genomes of brewing yeasts. Irina has a vast experience in both brewing and malting, working with Heineken for 9 years and the malting company Boortmalt for the past 4,5 years. Currently Irina is leading the R&D department of Boortmalt, which is building an Innovation Centre in Antwerp, Belgium. With this project Boortmalt will become the benchmark in innovation in the Malting Industry.