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MycoKey workshop 2018

Tom Bryan

Speaker and panellist

 Chief Agronomist Tom Bryan​ qualified with a B.Agr.Sc degree from University College Dublin in 1986, working initially with An Bord Gais, then the Department of Finance assessing the soils of Ireland form agronomic production value and finally moving to Minch Malt in 1988.

Working in the malting industry since 1988 as an agronomist bringing agronomic innovation to life by identifying best practice and facilitating knowledge transfer at farm level to enhance the skills of the growers.

Producing the highest quality malt means that we need a barley agronomy expert who is a stickler for detail and Tom's the man who makes sure that every batch of Minch Malt barley is just as good as the last.

He's our go-to guy for any technical agronomy issues that may affect the consistency of the malt in the early stages of sowing, spraying, harvesting, drying or storage, so if you want to know the minute detail of the growing process, he's your man.

If you'd rather relax with a pint, his is a red ale or, if we're talking whiskey, Scotch is his preferred. His favourite malt is ale malt from good old Taberna barley and he also likes Caramalt malt for the sweet biscuit aroma that it adds to a good craft beer.