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Nature Based Solutions

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Dr./Mr. Sami Kazi

UNaLab Project Coordinator. Senior Principal Scientist, Research Strategy and Foresight – technology development and innovation management; strategic roadmapping; implementation action planning; ICT for the built environment

Tel: +358 20 722 6666; Email:


Dr. /Ms. Laura Wendling
UNaLab Technical Coordinator. Senior Scientist, Infrastructure health – sustainable, resilient urban water management; green infrastructure and nature-based solutions (NBS); NBS indicator definition; NBS performance and impact assessment



Mr. Juhani Korkealaakso
Principal Scientist, Infrastructure health – monitoring and modelling rainfall infiltration, drainage, and water quality; stormwater management; NBS performance and impact assessment



Dr./Mrs. Johanna Kuusisto
Senior Scientist, Ecoefficient districts – Smart Cities; ICT platform development