​How to become an Exhibitor and a Sponsor

As the host of the conference we would like to provide you with the opportunity to promote Your company/services by reserving a display area at the conference. The area will have space for a small exhibition table/stand and a few roll-ups. More information about the exhibition area and the reservation form can be found in the attached Exhibitor invitation.

Additionally, we would also like to invite you to become as a visible sponsor for the symposium. As a sponsor you can demonstrate your organisation's commitment to the continuing efforts in the field of tribology and also allows your company to gain visibility in the Tribology society via visibility e.g. on the NORDTRIB 2016 website. More information on sponsorship is provided in the enclosed letter

If you are interested to become an exhibitor or a sponsor, please ask for more information from the conference organisers (nordtrib2016@vtt.fi).

We look forward to welcoming you as an exhibitor and a sponsor at the NORDTRIB 2016 conference.



                  www.anton-paar.com/no-en/                         www.blue-scientific.com
                             www.ducom.com                         www.ioppublishing.org





                            ​www.lot-qd.com                        www.microtechlubes.com
​​​​                         www.stinstruments.com/​                            www.vttresearch.com











 For additional information, please contact NORDTRIB 2016 Organising committee: nordtrib2016@vtt.fi