Special IEA session on Tribology in Transportation, Wednesday June 15th, 11.30 – 17.40

On Wednesday between 11.30 and 17.40 three special sessions on Tribology in Transportation are arranged jointly by NORDTRIB and International Energy Agency (IEA) programme on Advanced Materials in Transportation (AMT). The sessions are open to all NORDTRIB delegates.

The purpose of the IEA AMT programme is to facilitate the introduction of advanced materials to enable the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies for motorised road vehicles. This is accomplished through joint developmental research, information exchange, international round robin studies and demonstration projects. Research organisations from the following countries have signed up to join IEA AMT: Germany, United States, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Australia, Finland, Israel and Korea.

The three IEA sessions will present research results from the AMT programme on the topics: Surface topography effects on friction and wear, Thin coatings and their modelling, and Surface texturing and lubricated wear.