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PASTORI 2009 - 2011

PASTORI - Business models and implementation solutions for location-based transport services


'The technological basic elements of positioning based intelligent transport services are already mainly available. These elements include satellite positioning, digital maps and mobile equipment. However, the large-scale implementation of the services has not been realised with the exception of navigation.

The greatest challenges are the lack of functional business models and the unclear roles and responsibilities of the different actors in the service value network. There is a need for open business and implementation solutions on which to base large-scale and profitable global business.

The project entity will be implemented in 2009-2010 as two closely connected parallel projects:

  1. The goal of the research project PASTORI lead by VTT is to produce the general business models of positional transport services based on new technologies, the open general functional architecture and functional requirements especially for the technical implementation specifications of services which increase traffic safety and decrease environmental hazards.

  2. The results from phase 1 will be utilised in the business pilot continuing the project entity. The goal of the parallel project SUNTIO business pilot is to produce the technical specifications of the case services and the business and implementation solutions for piloting (testing and development of the functionality of the solutions).