Vedia Multi-Service Concept external web site (

The Finnish eCall website

The study on the introduction of congestions charges in the Helsinki region

Tivit - Cooperative Traffic (program ended in February 2011)


ERTICO - The network of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services stakeholders in Europe

eSafety Support

ASECAP - European association of tolled motorways, bridges and tunnels

Electronic Pricing and Payment in ITS - EC website (EFC, EETS)

EETS brochure by the Commission

The Mobile Millennium project - Using cell phones as mobile traffic sensors

The CURACAO project - Promoting Progressive Pricing

The RCI project - Road Charging Interoperability

The 17th ITS World Congress, Busan, 2010


FINLEX - Finnish legislation database

EUR-Lex - European Union law database

Commission decision on EETS 2009/750/EC