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Patina 2011–2015

Project alliance for transport infrastructure: Advancing new theories and applications (Patina)

The significant uncertainties related to the implementation of infrastructure projects and the general development needs of the infrastructure sector call for new operational models. In these models, the project parties are selected in the early phases of a project to develop it, and the owner and the other parties bear risks and share successes together, which provides strong motivation for all parties. That should result in enhanced performance for the benefit of the project and all parties involved. Such a project alliance system and its manifold procedures are the subject of the PATINA research and development project. The work is closely linked to the first alliance type road and rail projects to be carried out in Finland.


The research themes of the project are:

  • Feedback and experiences from an actual alliance team selection

  • Separate selection as a potential method of forming an alliance team

  • Partial price components as part of alliance team selection

  • Determining the best team based on capability and fee-percentage criteria

  • Change-related challenges to organisation culture in introducing alliancing

  • Possibilities and solutions of two-stage target cost model

  • Means and mechanisms of value creation in project alliancing

  • Value creation of an alliance based on development phase outcome