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PEPPER - 2006 - 2008


D1 - Innovative technology for monitoring traffic, vehicles and drivers. (KLPD/TISPOL)

D2 - The role of Traffic Law Enforcement policies in National and EU Road Safety Strategy. (4Sight)

D3 - Approaches and implications of innovative technology for cross border enforcement. (KLPD/TISPOL)

D4a - Good practice in monitoring, evaluating and predicting the impacts of TLE on behaviour and accidents. (SWOV)

D4b - Good practice in predicting the impacts of TLE on behav-iour and accidents - Spreadsheetillustrating the calculation of the predicted effect of enforcement measures on accidents (injuries). (VTT)

D5 - Overview of good practices in strategic planning and tac-tical deployment of TLE. (TOI)

D6 - Comparison and analysis of traffic Enforcement chains across EU member states and in relation to EU policies. (DTF)

D7 - Social support for Traffic Law Enforcement policies and practices within member states. (VTI)

D8 - Database structure for an enforcement data collection system on speeding, drinking and restraint systems. (DTF)

D9 - Effects of enforcement measures on behaviour and acci-dents with emphasis on speeding, drunken driving and seatbelt wearing. Results for meta-analysis. (TOI)

D10 - Implications of innovative technology for the key areas in traffic safety - speed, drink driving and restraint systems. (KLPD/TISPOL)

D11 - A conceptual model concerning the deployment of posi-tioning and location technology in traffic surveillance and enforcement. (KLPD/TISPOL)

D12 - Conceptual model for the European traffic law enforce-ment monitoring database. ()

D13, D14, D15 -

D13 - Database to assist traffic police forces in the EU member states. (KLPD/TISPOL)

D14 - Database of police specialists in the areas of alcohol, speeding and safety belts. (KLPD/TISPOL)

D15 - Database comparing national regulation and police power on specific traffic safety issues. (KLPD/TISPOL)

D16 - Dissemination activities report. (CERTH/HIT)

D17 - Final report. (VTT)